FINALLY!!! -pictures from my honeymoon

My WIFE and I by the pool grabbing a bev to cool down.
We found this crab creeping on the beach one night as we took a stroll
Our feet on the hammock- snuggling
Me and my hot date in front of our snazzy hotel
hmmm- its a lighthouse
Snorkeling is the best way to see our little friends
Someone didn't like our helicopter ride..... guess who
View from our helicopter ride :)
Kelli and I standing in front of our window form our hotel- yes please
Me and the Mrs. on a little hike that nearly killed us
one waterfall out of a billion!


Macy, Amelia & Claire
I did some pictures for a lovely family with possibly the cutest 3 kids I have ever seen. look out world- 3 heart breakers on their way.

Heather and Brian

Heather and Brian had an amazing wedding.... They got married over looking over the ocean at a called Casa Romantica- awesome place if you just want to see a wonderful historical site... cheers.

L &K wedding

this wedding was fun but HOT!!!!
I felt really bad for the boys that had to dress up.
Lauren was an amazing bride and her husband couldn't be more happy to marry the her.