matt + deb

Night on the water
I second shot for Deann again. It was a fun afternoon that started in a non air conditioned to a very comfortable boat ride in the bay of San Diego. It was pretty darn fun, I have never shot on a boat before. Enjoy!

Caitlin and Rory

Just for fun
I went out yesterday with a friend, Aaron Hoops, with his friends Caitlin and Rory. We just cruised around Carlsbad and some other spots and had some fun. Enjoy!!!

Jen + Grant

La Habra
So was the hottest wedding I have ever shot. It must have been a million degrees, but it was all worth it. Jen and Grant were really really fun to shoot. We actually went into Vons to try and get some shots but that lasted about 30 seconds and we got 3 shots off before we got escorted out. Its all good though. It was a blast.