jingles the goat

A good friend of mine, Jonah Maddox, who is a medic in the army, was able to come home for a few weeks form Afghanistan and took this hilarious picture.
Jingles the Goat was a gift to Jonah because he saved a kids life that got shot in the leg. It turned out that the kid's father was the leader of the local village and they gave he goat as a gift of gratitude. Jingles has a bad habit of smoking

do you video chat to britney spears?

my friend aaron does....
as my marketing director, aaron was not afraid to rock his skills :)

Whitney and Josh

San Diego, eat your heart out
I was asked to take some pictures for my wife's friend from college, Whitney and her future hubby- Josh.
Being from north county SD, I never knew how many awesome spots there were to shoot in the city. I cant wait to shoot their wedding because they were so darn fun and in love. Enjoy....

new toy

drool, slurp and drool some more....
I got a new camera yesterday- 5d mark II. Today was the first day I got to play with it. I haven't really unleashed it yet but I will put some stuff up when I do :) For now here are a few snappies from today.

here is me and my better half ;)rain drops on a spider web