risky business..........cards

So the time has come to where I needed new business cards. I have had this crazy idea to not put any obvious text on the card but to do it in a sneaky way. There is this thing called spot UV that only shows up with at a certain angle. This is a photo of the top of the card and it’s the side with the spot UV. It's there but you can't really tell without me telling you or if you just happen to catch it earlier.

Now here is the spot UV in all its glory...
and the back.

Moller family

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to photograph the super cute Moller family. I was pretty excited because I usually don't get the chance to photograph families... only couples. For some reason I was really nervous. I think I got nervous because kids are so cute and people have expectations. I get scared of expectations. I like to work with what I got with a free mind and let the moments happen- let the kids be kids and snap away.
While we were shooting, it got really cold. The poor little kids were shivering to the point where we couldn't shoot anymore. Luckily, I had a fleece blanket in the car because Kelli likes to snuggle up in the car whenever we go anywhere. Anyways, this was my favorite photo from the day. It just makes me happy. It's a nice tender moment.

Brett and Jenae = showtime

I have been looking forward to this wedding for a long time. After shooting their engagement session I knew that this wedding was going to be easy breezy. Trust is a huge component when it comes to a photographer and the couple. Brett and Jenae trusted me more then any other couple I have had to date... I think. I tried some different things, from a photography point of view, that I wouldn't have normally had the chance to do if they didn’t feel comfortable with my off the wall ideas.

Back to this awesome day.... It was cold, not the coldest I've shot, but the wind coming off the water felt like it went straight to the bone. I don’t think there was one person there that didn’t have goose bumps during the family photos, yet everyone was in a cheerful mood. That is what made this wedding fun- the people. I hope I did this wedding justice because these people were AWESOME.