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From behind the camera to infont...
I came across some really fun spots to shoot and thought it would be fun to shoot ourselves.
Of course the ones of just each other were taken by the other but when we are together, my trusty tripod came into play.

Eric + Jen

Woot Woot
Another friend from high school ;)
Eric and Jen had a GORGEOUS wedding at the Summit House in Fullerton. I had Deann second shoot me and cover the girls getting ready and I took care of the boys. It was a really really fun wedding to shoot. I never seen so many people on the dance floor- young and old.

Dennis and Angela

My Best Bud's Wedding
So when Dennis asked me to shoot his wedding I said, "HECK YES!!!"
Dennis and I have been friends since we were 13 and been rocking it ever since. Good times!!!