Buzz has a girlfriend

Making some friend

Its kinda funny how people come and go through out peoples lives. well, Debra and her husband James are one of our new friends that have come into our our lives.
Debra is a wedding planner at Los Willows, where Kelli and I got married, and she made our special day the best. She wasnt a full blown wedding planner, just an assistant at the time, so we never really had a chance to meet, but that being said, her presence was still felt. 
So the way our paths crossed again is through our other friends, Bobby and Lindsay Earle. I know Bobby cause he is an awesome wedding photographer and Lindsay is really good friends with Debra. crazy circle but now we are all friends :)
Anyways, Debra and James have 2 Bulldogs, Gracie and Tommy. Gracie came on over to play with Buzz and got him super tired. He slept so late, I got 2 nights of sleep in one. 

Julia and Barry

Hotel Del- Yes PLEASE!!!
I had the awesome opportunity to second shoot the fabulous Bobby Earle at the gorgeous Hotel Del Coronado. The bride, Julia, was from Russia and Barry was Jewish and it made for a beautiful wedding! The reception was really fun cause half the speeches were in Russian and was really fun to listen. Luckily they someone translating or else i would have a clue what they were saying. Oh well, one good thing is that photos are photos, no matter what the language. 

Brett and Jenae

I have known Brett since I was a little 13 year because we played baseball together. My little Brett has grown up and going to make the plunge with hiw wonderful bride-to-be, Jenae. They are two love birds that are super fun and super easy to photograph, can you say super models? I cant wait to shoot their wedding this December :)

BUZZ has arrived!!!!

this is Buzz's first day!!!!!


this is buzz, our new addition. we cant have him yet cause he is to still too young but he is so stinking cute.....