Buzz Version 3.5

Here he is again!!!!!!
I took Buzz on a little exploration trip into a grove of eucalyptus trees and he was in HEAVEN. This little guy loves twigs, sticks and leaves and this place was filled with them. He was so stinking funny running around cause he would get a mouth full of twigs then drop them and get another mouth full of twigs 5 inches to the left of him, I guess grass is greener on the other side. Being in he is own little dream world, he was barking for no apparent reason and running in circles chasing the leaves falling from trees due to the windy day. He was a little kid in a candy shop. 

^Buzz's big boy bark *woof woof*

^Buzz stalking his twigs

^Fav pic of the day

Niveen and Michael

Better late then never... 
I shot this wedding a few weeks ago and life has just been too crazy and i totally forgot....oops. well anyways, I had the opportunity to second shoot east coast big hitter, Glen Cooper. He was super dooper nice and let me do whatever the quack I wanted. It was like being the primary with no worries :)
This wedding was too stinking fun. Niveen is from Pakistan and Michael is from Santa Barbara, the twist on this wedding was it was their second one. Their first wedding was in January in Boston all decked out in Pakistani wear and tradition. This wedding was their second and a little more Americanized  (I think that is a real word).  The ceremony was "normal" but Niveen still wore her traditional dress. her dress was my favorite. It is different from their first wedding but hand made by the same person from Pakistan. Each dress takes 1-2 months of crazy skills.... AMAZING!!!!! I would love to shoot more of these weddings. Anytime, anywhere! 

^thats me in the food thinger :)

halloween prep

hahahahahah halloween time is coming!
Kelli and I are pretty darn excited for halloween this year for a few reasons. One because Buzz is going to dress up with us, and we have friends to spend the time with us. You cant have halloween without pumpkins so we each got one and did our best to create our little jack-o-lanterns. Unfortunately, all the pumpkin patches close a 9:00 so we had to go to Vons which actually had a pretty darn good selection, minus the one or two rotten ones that were stuck on the bottom.
Our friend Debra has never carved a pumpkin before. Weird, I know. I think she has been living in a cave for the last 20yrs. Anyways, we all had a great time and made some awesome pumps!
I did Jack form Nightmare before Christmas; Kelli did Mike from Monster's Inc; Debra did Minnie mouse, and James did a classic Jack-o-lantern :)

little look back

I went to Brooks Institute of Photography to pursue my dream of taking photos, and taking them well- I should say they gives the means to be successful. Anywho, I have done numerous assignments with numerous subjects, which led to numerous photos.

I randomly came across this image on one of my hard drives from my stock class with Rick Rickman. I had to redo this assignment cause I totally missed the point, but I came out with this image. It’s not an amazing image but it has numerous memories with me. So what I did to get this image was I used my Magic Arm to put my 1D mark II with a fish eye lens on and triggered it wirelessly so I could take a bunch of photos as I bomb hills. Well, this image is what it looks like right before my Magic Arm gave way and decided to drag my camera along the street like it was toy. My camera handled it like a champ.

I like this particular image just because of the swirl the motion made on the right side of the frame. It just caught my eye and made me spend time to at it longer, which deserves a little blog post J

buzz got his learner's permit

So today Buzz and I went on a little ride. Normally Buzz likes to sit on the passenger seat but today he was happy being co-pilot. He decided to stomp on over to the driver seat and pull up to the steering wheel and take control. So I wonder what the cop would say when he pulled US over for crazy driving :)

more sizzle

So I finally got around to adding more images to my website-
Please take a peek and let me know what you think :)

josh + whitney

This is the reason for buzz- this wedding.
Let me give you the scoop. Kelli and Whitney are good friends from college and I have gotten to know Whitney and Josh over the years. Well, Whitney's parents breed Bulldogs, the cutest ones at that. So what we did is a little swap. normally I wouldnt do that but it just happen we were looking for the cutest four legged animal and they wanted me to shoot their wedding, done and done.
So I shot their engagement session and and knew there wedding was going to really fun. I gave a little sneak peek a little bit ago and here is the rest.

here are Aaron's photos- he shot the boys :)