What you see is what you get

Last weekend I had yet another opportunity to second shoot Aaron Wilcox. I’m sure I have said this before but I will say it again, I love to second shoot at weddings. I try and shoot stuff a little different then I would normally shoot and try new stuff. Some times it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

La Valencia is a gorgeous hotel in the heart of the fancy, and pricey, La Jolla. It is a place I often drive by and never go in because I’m not worthy of its awesomeness. This wedding got me in the door and now I know what people are talking about when they speak of La Valencia.

When I am second I try to spin off the first shooter. If he is tight, I go wide; if he is shooting from one side, I will shoot form the other. Well this wedding I shot a lot of reflections. I like reflections in general but this place was filled with them, so you will see a few more then normal on this post. Congrats Jeanie and Brian for a fabulous wedding and a good time.

The roses down the aisle were 3 inches thick, yikes.

Next 3 photos are views from the walk way around the hotel

Junior, the ring bearer

Jeanie and Brian sneak a little dance before the big show

our boy at 1 week...

This is our bulldog DUG, we have had him for a week now and has brought us more joy then we could ever imagine! We have taken him pretty much everywhere we possibly can and sometimes getting kicked out but well worth it. So enjoy his week 1 video :)

the Dugger has arrived!

So the day has come when we got our new puppy. His name is Dug. He is 7 1/2 weeks old and a bundle of joy that waddles when he walks. He snores when he sleeps and doesn't know how to bark, its more of a squeak. Dug is very curious and likes pretty much everyone he meets except when they scream at his cuteness.
These are some photos i have taken in the last 2 days. He is a big crazy head and a big sleeper. Enjoy his cuteness (and its ok to scream, he cant hear you).

^Dug is using his chew as a pillow... clever

Houston, we have a problem... not really

For you that don’t know my wife, she is a second grade teacher and the best one at that. Since I see her everyday, I know how hard she works and how much she loves her kids.

With my schedule, I get to come down to her class and help out. I always feel like a super star cause as soon as I walk in the class erupts- "MR. MAYER!!!!" what a great confidence booster.

I went down to Kelli's class three times last week to help out on the grading and various other task but I got to experience second grade book reports. Let me tell you, they are awesome. This book report was on a biography of someone famous. One of the students was Neil Armstrong and the student put their helmet on Kelli. What a moment. I never had a teacher come down to my level and make me laugh like Kelli does with her students.

I also took some photos for one of Kelli's art project for the class. Here are just a few pics of kids...

Shamar + Chris

I had another opportunity to second shoot Bobby Earle :)

I really enjoy second shooting cause I get to try a lot of things or work on other things I normally wouldn’t have the chance to do if they where my own client. The bummer part is that I never really get to know the couple, which is what I enjoy most about being a wedding photographer. Not in this case. For the short time, I got to know them I got to see the love for each other. There was nothing flashy about this wedding but good old fashion, down and dirty, infatuation.

the peak before she walks out

This is my favorite part about this wedding- after the ceremony they escaped to a little room and did their own little vows to each other all by themselves... AWESOME!