What you see is what you get

Last weekend I had yet another opportunity to second shoot Aaron Wilcox. I’m sure I have said this before but I will say it again, I love to second shoot at weddings. I try and shoot stuff a little different then I would normally shoot and try new stuff. Some times it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

La Valencia is a gorgeous hotel in the heart of the fancy, and pricey, La Jolla. It is a place I often drive by and never go in because I’m not worthy of its awesomeness. This wedding got me in the door and now I know what people are talking about when they speak of La Valencia.

When I am second I try to spin off the first shooter. If he is tight, I go wide; if he is shooting from one side, I will shoot form the other. Well this wedding I shot a lot of reflections. I like reflections in general but this place was filled with them, so you will see a few more then normal on this post. Congrats Jeanie and Brian for a fabulous wedding and a good time.

The roses down the aisle were 3 inches thick, yikes.

Next 3 photos are views from the walk way around the hotel

Junior, the ring bearer

Jeanie and Brian sneak a little dance before the big show


Katie + Mandy said...

Dylan! You never fail to impress. Seriously, amazing.

Montana Dennis said...

Dude Awesome man. I love the reflection shots they are so money!!!

Cindy Lowe {orange turtle photography} said...

Gorgeous capture!! :)

Melissa McClure Photography said...

Awesome job! La Valencia rocks and you did a beautiful job showing that!