Houston, we have a problem... not really

For you that don’t know my wife, she is a second grade teacher and the best one at that. Since I see her everyday, I know how hard she works and how much she loves her kids.

With my schedule, I get to come down to her class and help out. I always feel like a super star cause as soon as I walk in the class erupts- "MR. MAYER!!!!" what a great confidence booster.

I went down to Kelli's class three times last week to help out on the grading and various other task but I got to experience second grade book reports. Let me tell you, they are awesome. This book report was on a biography of someone famous. One of the students was Neil Armstrong and the student put their helmet on Kelli. What a moment. I never had a teacher come down to my level and make me laugh like Kelli does with her students.

I also took some photos for one of Kelli's art project for the class. Here are just a few pics of kids...

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